Book 4 – Logan’s Time

September 12, 2012 – Logan, a minor character in Janelle’s Time, came to me and demanded his own book. What Logan Conor, Duke of Muileach wants, Logan Conor, Duke of Muileach gets. So, on the day I submitted Janelle’s Time to a publisher, I started Logan’s Time. I made great headway, too, until it was time to put it aside and prepare for NaNoWriMo, 2011, where I started writing Moria’s Time.

 P-s-s-s-s-t! Don’t tell anyone, but I think Logan’s Time will be the best one of the entire TIME Series. It’s a secret, though, okay?

By the way, Logan’s Time is not a sequel – it’s a spinoff from the Grayson family story.

Let me tell you a little about Logan. Physically, the men in the Conor family tend to be large and Logan is no exception. At six-foot eight inches tall and close to three hundred pounds of power and muscle, he can be intimidating. When he’s angry, a wise course of action is to leave, or at least avoid, his presence. However, as is often true of large men, much of the time, he’s a gentle giant, and his people love him very much.

The earliest known Conor first came to light during the early 12th century. Daniel mac Conor was a close friend and confidant to King William, King of the Scots, who rewarded him for his devotion with land on the Isle of Mull, which included much of the southern part of the island; much of which bordered on Loch Buie. When his service to King William was complete, Daniel decided on the location for his castle – a bit of land that jutted out into the water near the head end of the loch. Over the ensuing centuries, the small castle Daniel built grew as the community prospered.

All of the Dukes of Muileach, up to and including Logan’s grandfather, were active in the politics of Scotland. Logan’s grandfather, the old Duke Logan, spent time in Edinburgh, partly to sell the products produced in his community, and partly to work with his peers to govern the country, even after England annexed the it.  They were also part-time pirates – when the community needed a little cash, the duke took his crew took to the sea and ‘found’ some.  However, by the time Logan comes of age, the countries around the Mediterranean have banded together, passed anti-piracy laws and enforced them.  It was no longer lucrative to be a pirate, even part-time.

The book, which starts 30 years before Janelle’s Time, opens with Logan, then seven years old, hiding behind wall hangings in his mother’s chambers while she births Daniel, the second son of Peadair Conor. Moments after the birth, Annella rejects the infant, sending him to the wet-nurse, then rises from her bed and moves herself and her entourage to the South Tower, much to everyone’s surprise.

Their fathers forced Annella, the daughter of a wealthy merchant in Glasgow, and Peadair, Logan’s father, into their marriage. Peadair accepted his father’s wishes, but Annella blackmailed her father – her silence and cooperation in exchange for a sum each month. The terms of the agreement included that Annella would stay with Peadair until she’d given him two sons, and even after that, she couldn’t leave Muileach Castle. Proving that there is honor among thieves, Annella lived up to the terms of their agreement until, after many years, her father died, and the money stopped. She and her entourage, including her mother, and her long-time lover and their children, then had to leave Muileach.

However, Peadair had fallen in love with the fiery Annella. He spent years pining for his love, the result being he wasn’t much of a father to his two sons, nor was he an effective leader and duke. Peadair’s parents, Lord Logan and Lady Innis, raised Logan and Daniel. After Annella left Muileach after her father’s death, Peadair went off in search of her, returning only when he heard his father had died.  Soon after the funeral, he renounced his title and left again. Logan became the Duke of Muileach at a relatively young age.

Logan’s Time tells the story of the South Tower, including Annella’s secretly taking it over, repairing it, and housing her entourage in it for many years, during which time, no one inside the South Tower had any contact with anyone else in the Muileach Castle or community, and how the group managed to survive there for so many years.

The book also tells of the meeting, at a school in Chester, England, of Logan and Richard Grayson (Janelle’s Time). They became fast friends and were inseparable through their four years of schooling. When they graduated, they decided, with the blessings of their families, to spend a year in Paris before returning to their homes to put their education to good use. That time in Paris, and their friendship, ended after a fight between Richard and a very drunk Logan that resulted in the severe injuring of Logan’s love, Minuet.

Some time after the Paris incident, Minuet died of her injuries. Logan, in his grief, vowed Richard would pay, and set about finding him, ultimately ending up crashing Richard and Janelle’s wedding.  The story of Logan’s appearance there is told in Janelle’s Time.

Eager to return home, Logan instead found himself living in New Hampshire for an extended period, with his new wife, and, in time, their baby daughter, Clarissa.

A few years after Logan and his new family left New Hampshire for Scotland, the Grayson family, by then with four children, including Damian Gerard, the twins, Adelle and Moria, and the baby, Brian, journeyed to Muileach Castle for a two-month visit.  During that time, the two couples saved the Muileach community from financial disaster. With the earlier death of his grandfather, and his father an ineffective duke, Logan was not fully prepared to take the reins. With the help of Richard and Janelle, he discovered income sources he didn’t know he had.  A multi-purpose trip to Edinburgh, including selling a ship-full of products from the community, filled the coffers, and assured Muileach’s future.

Throughout the book, you’ll meet new characters, including Seanna. One of Logan’s childhood friends, and sometimes lover, she has the ability to really wreak havoc between Logan and Rachel.  But will she?

As of September 12, 2012, this is as far as I’ve written in this book. Right now, it’s at 75,000 words. Many ideas for new story lines – including more of Annella and Peadair – are flying around inside my head. My schedule, however, is such that I won’t be working on Logan’s Time for some time, as Moria’s Time and Adelle’s Time are next in line.

That said, however, if something really MUST be written in the pages of Logan’s Time, it will be. Most likely, it will be a shared scene – a get-together between the Grayson and Conor families. Or, It could be a scene that is so unbelievably brilliant …

Please stop by now and then to see what’s happening in Scotland. And, you’re welcome to leave a comment.

July 21, 2014 – The time is almost upon me when I return to the pages of Logan’s Time, this time to finally complete the project.  With both Moria’s Time and Adelle’s Time now complete, and my mini-sabattical also complete, I’m eager to get back to Logan’s Time, but have some other projects I have to complete before I do.

The final work on Adelle’s Time, in April and May, wore me out, emotionally, and physically.  I decided then I needed a little time off.  I figured on about two, maybe three weeks but, it turns out, that wasn’t in the cards.  My husband, who had recently retired, and I ended up moving – from Naples, to Lake Placid, Florida.  The packing – moving – unpacking itself took well over a month, at which time, I was very much behind in my writing work.

But, the time is near.

Back in April, I met, on Twitter, a Scots author who lives about 50 miles from where Logan’s Time takes place.  I asked him if he’d ever been to Eilean Mor, the tiny island where Logan’s home, Muileach Castle, is located.  I was quite sure of his answer. Eilean Mor is an island, perhaps 35-40 acres, in a very rural area.  I wasn’t surprised when he said he had not, but he knew where it was.  We’ve been exchanging emails since then. He’s sent me a wealth of information about what he now calls ‘my’ island..

I’d only seen the locale via Bing Maps (and it had taken some time to find it).  Now, I have a collection of pictures. Bob and his brother took a day to go to Lochbuie, a real town that includes the island, Eilean Mor.  They walked out to the island and discovered the identity of a strange landmark I could see on the satellite maps.

Some of what I’ve learned will cause some changes in my story … for the better.  I have learned there is a ‘circle of stones’ (think: a tiny Stonehenge) within walking distance of my fictitious castle.  That opens up a whole range of story lines!

I now know with certainty that no people and/or structures exist now – or ever existed – on Eilean Mor, which, in Logan’s Time is a peninsula – which means I don’t have to do a major restructuring of Muileach history.

What gave me a little trouble is the existence of a real castle ruin – within sight of my fictitious castle.  But, my husband, on understanding my problem, offered a rather simple solution.

I’m planning to do a blog post about Bob’s trip to Eilean Mor.  It will include his emails about the trip and some of the pictures he took while there.  I’m not sure when that will happen, but it will.

My hope is for Logan’s Time to be published in 2016.

Editor’s Note:  Logan’s Time was published on August 29, 2016.

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