Book 3 – Adelle’s Time

September 11, 2012 – Adelle’s Time is my NaNoWriMo project for 2012, which means I’ll be starting it on November 1, 2012.

I’ll go into this book with a blank screen.

Adelle’s story will pick up when she’s about twenty.  I’ll be armed only with the general personality of Adelle from her appearances in Janelle’s Time and Moria’s Time, and the fact that she’s got her sights set on marrying a duke so she’ll be a duchess,

I invite you to stop by for updates. I will try to drop a line or two from time to time during NaNo, but if I don’t, fear not – I’ll catch you up as soon as I can after it’s over. You’re more than welcome to leave a comment, too.

February 10, 2013 – I wrote Adelle’s Time during NaNoWriMo 2012, finishing the 50,000 words on November 21, and promptly crashing (physically and emotionally) for about three days, totally exhausted.  (I’d planned to jump right back to Moria’s Time and work on that, but my body had other plans.)  When I was able to work again, I had to put Adelle’s Time aside and finished Moria’s Time.  This was slow in happening as I had health issues (ear infections and teeth extractions) and holidays in December.  However, I triumphed at last and sent the ms to my editor on February 9, 2013.

Appearing in Moria’s Time, Adelle is a self-absorbed, self-centered child who thinks only of herself.  Her behavior is a disruption to the family.   It’s root is in the vision about Moria from before she was born.  Richard and Janelle, in their need to figure out how to protect Moria from the ‘far away place with danger all around her,’ without realizing it, they ignored the needs of Adelle.

It was Moria herself who made things right with Adelle who then went on to become the woman she was meant to be.

Adelle has long wanted to marry a duke, so she moved to England with a plan.  As the daughter of an American farmer, she has little chance of being accepted into London’s aristocracy so she hatches a plan that will get her noticed. With a new-found friend/companion/accomplice, she becomes ‘Lady Mysterious.’  However, she abandons the plan when she’s nearly caught, something she realized would be a disaster, plus, even worse, it would reflect on her family.

Then, she meets Walter, her soul mate.

This book, as of September 23, 2013, is nearing completion.  My plan is to finish it, do the self-editing, then send it to my editor before November 1, when the NaNoWriMo ‘contest’ begins.  Adelle’s Time should be back from the editor in time for me to do the edits during December and, possibly, get it to the publisher in mid-to-late January, or later.

December 9, 2013 – With NaNo 2013 rapidly approaching, I worked feverishly to finish Adelle’s Time and get it to my editor before November 1, 2013.  I wanted it out of here so it wouldn’t be a distraction to what I was doing in this year’s NaNo (Clarissa’s Time).  With everything else that was going on in October, I didn’t make it so I sent it to my editor without the last chapter.

When NaNo 2013 was done, I took a few days to vegetate (recoup) and then finished Adelle’s Time, sending the last of the copy to my editor.

I’m waiting for it to come back to me, at which time, I’ll work the edits, then send it back to my editor for another round.  When it comes back the second time, I’ll work that round of edits, then read it through at least once, then, I’ll tell my computer to read it to me out loud.  After that, it’s ready to go to the publisher.

Adelle turns out to be an amazing woman – mother to 12 kids – 7 of her own and 5 orphans.  She and her husband devote their lives to the orphans.

The big, burning question is – does she find her duke?  In Clarissa’s Time (book 5), a very surprising fact is revealed about the man she married regarding his title.

If all goes well, I anticipate that Adelle’s Time will be released in the spring of 2014.

July 21, 2014 – Well, I’m a little late with this update, but things have been crazy here.

In January, my editor sent back the first round of edits and I started working on them.  Then, all you-know-what broke loose.  On February 4th, my father died – on February 6th, my husband and I flew to Connecticut for the funeral and associated events.  We’d originally planned to fly home on February 11th, and even that was staying an extra day to avoid a blizzard, but our flight home was canceled – not once, on February 11, but a second time, on February 14th.  We didn’t get home until February 17th, and by then, we were both sick.  Once home, in Florida, I recovered within a week or so, but it threw off my ‘schedule’ by quite a bit.

I sent the manuscript back to my editor for the second round of edits in early March.  While it was gone, I scrambled on the cover.  One part of the cover required several hours worth of Photoshop work

A month later, he sent it back.  To finish it, I worked the edits, then read it from the screen.  My last read-through is having the computer read it to me.  However, I wasn’t comfortable with that reading, so I had the computer read it to me again.  That’s four times through the book … inside four weeks!

I submitted Adelle’s Time to the publisher on May 5th … and, long story short, it was available on Amazon by May 22!  The publisher’s schedule, sent to me after I submitted the book, said publication would be on June 17th, but things moved along a bit quicker.  I barely had time to get a Cover Reveal in, and schedule posts about the book when it was already out there!

But, I’m not complaining!

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