Brief Biographies of the Grayson Children

Moria’s Time is about Moria Grayson, although her twin sister, Adelle appears in the pages, too.  Here, I’ll acquaint you with their siblings.  In this post, I’ll touch on Moria and Adelle, then introduce you to Damian Gerard, whom you’ll meet in Moria’s Time,  Brian Samuel, Matthew Taylor and Charlotte Rose.


Moria Eibhlin and Adelle Sarah – born May 3, 1833

(From Janelle’s Time) In the 1830s, normal childbirth was often difficult, but multiple births were dangerous – mother and babies too often died.  The twins birth revealed this danger clearly.  Janelle, exhausted after days of fruitless labor, was close to giving up.

The timely arrival of Damian, Richard’s father, saved everyone.  The attending physician, who insisted that ‘nature take its course,’ found himself locked out of the bedroom with other non-essential people.

Damian pulled Roger in from the barn. The long-time horse manager on Devonwood and now, on the two farms in America, he’d helped deliver countless foals.  If anyone could save Janelle now, it was Roger.

And, he did.  Mother and daughters survived.


My book, Moria’s Time, tells Moria’s extraordinary story, with some of Adelle’s included.  It’s hard to separate twins, even ones who are so different.

As an adult, Moria is like her mother, Janelle, petite, with chestnut hair that got darker as she got older.  Her eyes are green and her complexion is slightly darker than her mother’s, about half way between her parents.

Adelle is more like her father, taller, with black hair, and very dark eyes.  Her complexion is more like her father’s, too, but not quite as dark as his.

The next book in the TIME Series is Adelle’s Time.  You’ll see Adelle continue on her road from an unintentionally neglected, selfish, attention-hound into a wonderful young woman, separate from, yet closer to Moria than they’d ever been.  You’ll watch as her goals evolve from her own selfish wants and needs to wanting to help the less fortunate.  You’ll see her find everything she really wanted and needed in her life, even if she didn’t know it at the time.

So, watch for Adelle’s Time in the summer of 2014.


Damian Gerard – born April 18, 1832

Named for his two grandfathers – Richard’s father, Damian, and Janelle’s father, Gerard – Damian Gerard is Richard and Janelle’s firstborn and first son.

Like his Uncle Edward, Damian Gerard is a quiet child.  As an adult, with his black hair and eyes, his olive skin, and his tall, thin frame, he’s often mistaken for his father, but he’s not quite as tall as Richard, and doesn’t share his father’s more outgoing personality.

Damian Gerard’s active mind absorbs everything around him, but his special interests are technology and science.  Well ahead of his classmates intellectually, keeping Damian Gerard interested in learning while he attended local schools became an ongoing project for Sigi, Moria’s tutor.

In his mid-teens, Damian Gerard became involved in the state’s rights and slavery issues, reading everything he could find on the subjects.  Knowing that Frederick Douglass lived in Rochester, NY, when Moria asked to travel to that area to meet Elizabeth Blackwell, who would one day become the first registered MD in both the US and the UK, Damian Gerard jumped at the chance to meet one of his heroes.

But, his abolitionist leanings strained his relationship with his father, even though they had the same beliefs.  He falsely believed the family held slaves on Devonwood, the family seat in England, and refused to believe otherwise.  Richard, fearing for Damian Gerard’s future and safety, arranged for his son to attend West Point, where he had no doubt his son would excel.  There, he would learn, among other things, discipline.

Damian Gerard discovered the classes were challenging, yet, he excelled in his studies, reaping honors in nearly every class.  He graduated near the top of his class, and was posted to Washington, DC, where he quickly attained the rank of Captain.

His duties in Washington, DC kept him out of harm’s way, for which Janelle was grateful.  By then, he was married, and soon had children.  After many years of service, he retired from the Army and went home to New Hampshire, bringing his wife and family with him.


Brian Samuel – born July 2, 1836

Brian, as a baby, looked exactly like Janelle did at that age, according to his Aunt Lorraine.  But, as he got older, his hair darkened, much as Moria’s had, to a very dark brown.  He, like Janelle, had green eyes.  He attained an adult height of about six inches shorter than his father..

Brian prided himself on getting good grades in school, and helping out around the farm, especially with the horses, which he loved.  He was also popular with the girls at school and in the neighborhood.

When Damian Gerard went to West Point, Brian paid careful attention.  Knowing the political situation in the country was deteriorating, when he came of age, he requested a chance to attend West Point, too.  As his grades and extra coursework, thanks to Sigi, and his personal recommendations were stellar, he joined the freshman class the year after Damian Gerard graduated.

Like Damian Gerard, he graduated in the top 5% of his class, was popular with his fellow cadets, and won numerous awards, including top marksmanship prizes.

The most handsome of Richard and Janelle’s boys, he was popular with the ladies – more so when he wore his uniform.  Janelle anticipated an early wedding for her good-looking son, but he took his commitment to the Union Army seriously, and stayed single. A born leader, he fought in a number of important battles with valor and honor.

When the Civil War finally broke out, Brian served his country well, suffering wounds on several occasions. Finally, one injury sent him home to die, but his mother refused to let that happen.  He survived but with one arm useless and limping badly on his injured leg.  Richard decided Brian would make an excellent office manager, relieving him of those duties.  He never married and stayed on the farm.


Matthew Taylor Grayson – born March 15, 1840

Matthew is the ‘lost’ son.  Born next-to-the-last, he lived in the shadow of his older siblings who were great achievers, he appeared to be the son who would inherit the farm one day, as Damian Gerard and Brian both seemed to have careers in the US Army.  But, things are not always as they seem.  Brian, injured and sent home to die, became the farm office manager when he didn’t die, but was left disabled.  Later, Damian Gerard left the Army and came home.

Matthew always had a dream, something he never mentioned to anyone, until Damian Gerard came home.  He was only an infant when his Uncle Edward left New Hampshire to explore the American West, bur he remembered when his uncle came home briefly, only to leave again, leaving behind a family wondering if they’d ever see Edward again.

Matthew’s dream was to, like his Uncle Edward, explore the American West, but his dream was different – he hoped to find Edward and bring him home to New Hampshire.

With Damian Gerard and Brian home and running the farm, Matthew was free to follow his dream.

Find out in Book 5, Clarissa’s Time, if Matthew finds Edward.


Charlotte Rose Grayson – born September 30, 1842

Charlotte, the baby, had light hair, almost blonde, with light green eyes.  Petite as a child, she had a growth spurt in her early teens that made her the second tallest of the children and only shorter than Brian by a scant inch.  Her complexion was fair.  She had to be careful in the sun, a difficult thing to do for her as she was always out doors.

After a normal birth, and what seemed, at the beginning, at least, to be a normal childhood, Charlotte was diagnosed at about age 6 as being profoundly deaf.

Sigi, Moria’s tutor, who had taken on the tutoring of anyone who wanted it, immediately started teaching the family to fingerspell as a mode of communication.  Eventually, Sigi taught Charlotte to speak, although she was often difficult to understand.  She adjusted to her disability well, but took all her schooling from Sigi as the local school system didn’t have programs for disabled children.

Find out more about Charlotte’s life in Book 5, Clarissa’s Time.

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