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Thank you for taking the time to visit ‘Reviews by Dayna’.

‘Reviews by Dayna’ is celebrating its second anniversary.  I’ve enjoyed reading and reviewing the books that have been submitted.

Because I’m a full-time writer (I’ve published 3 books of a 5-book series), I’ll be reading and reviewing one book per month. That way, I can be sure to get your review to you on a timely basis – usually within 30 days!  I also review outside of ‘Reviews by Dayna’, mostly for LibraryThing.

Now, don’t go running away. One book per month does not mean you have zero chance for a review. If your book fits the criteria, submit it!  Think of it this way … If you don’t submit your book, you definitely won’t get a review.

I’ll look at the submissions according to the schedule below, make my selection, and announce my choice in my first blog in the next month. When I’ve finished the review, I’ll post it on my blog in the form of a Showcase, probably after the 20th of the month. I’ll also post your review on the sites of your choice, if possible.

Because I’m only doing one book per month, I’m limiting the choices. The books I enjoy the most are of the Romance genre. On the Review Order Form, I’ve listed the sub-genres of Romance I prefer.

In an effort to create a level playing field for all submissions, I ask that you use the Review Order Form and provide as much of the information as possible. The more information you send the better your review chances, and the better your Showcase will be should I choose your book. If you have problems with the form or have any other problems or questions, please contact me at

Like most online reviewers, I am not a professional. I’m an avid reader who is also an author.  My opinions of the books I read are just that, my opinion. Unless it’s a typographical error, I will not change a review once it’s complete.

Be sure to send your book with your submission. I will not ask for it. I’ll only ask for earlier books in a series if I need it/them.


Submissions received during  any given month will be for the following month. Please stop by my blog on my first posting date each month to find out about that month’s book.


• Submissions will close at midnight on the 28th of the month.
Submissions received after the 28th will be held for the following month.

• I post to my blog on Mondays and Thursdays.
I’ll announce my book choice in my first post of the month.

• The Showcase for the reviewed book will go live sometime
after the 20th of the month – be sure to check my blog.


Questions and Answers

Q: What if you didn’t choose my book in a cycle?
I will keep submissions for a period of six (6) months. At that
time, I’ll delete them. If the submissions for a month during that
6 month period do not catch my interest, I’ll go back to the
oldest submissions and select a book from that group.
Your book will be active for 6 months from your submission.
You are welcome to resubmit after six months.

Q: What if I don’t like your review?
My review is my opinion of your book.
By submitting your book, you are asking for my opinion.
You can’t please all of the people all of the time. What
one person likes, another may not like as much, or at all.
Because I am able to select a book from those submitted,
each month I seldom give less than 4-stars.  If your book
is 3-stars or less, I will not post the review, nor will I
create a Showcase for it.  I will, however, contact
you with my reason(s) for my opinion.

Q: What do you do with my book after you’ve read it?
All submissions will reside in a folder on an outboard drive
on my computer.  No one except me has access to my
computer. After 6 months, the folder for that month will
be deleted. I do not keep or distribute the books I read.

Q: Will you be expanding and needing additional reviewers?
Not likely. I’m a writer and reader. While I enjoy the blogging,
interviews, and reviews – and meeting great people that way,
they are what I do to help other writers, part of the
’giving back’.  It’s important to me to be there for
others, but it’s unlikely I’ll expand those services.


This Review Policy is in effect starting September 29, 2014
Note:  I was unaware the Review Form (below) was corrupt.
I have fixed that so all is as it should be.  If the form
doesn’t work or seems to have problems, please contact me.

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