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Aura of Magic
Book 4
Patricia Rice
Historical Romance
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March 14, 2017
Kindle, Paperback



Aura of Magic
Patricia Rice

Brighid Darrow, Countess of Carstairs, has endured years of a loveless marriage in order to aid her friends and the people of Northridge. Yet once she is widowed, the village shuns her with accusations of witchcraft—vilifying her unique gift of reading auras. Released from past restraints, Bridey rebelliously embraces her dream of establishing a forbidden school for midwives.

Having spent his life being all that is proper in hopes of earning a title in return for services to the crown, Aaron Pascoe-Ives, the illegitimate son of a marquess, is ordered to Northridge to save the royal mines from rioters. Any hope of aid from the beautiful but aloof countess is dashed when his incorrigible twins endanger their young lives by following him, mystifyingly insisting that the Countess of Carstairs is their new mother.

Bridey and Pascoe face ghosts, assassins, and riots—but nothing as perilous as the irresistible attraction between them. With hard-fought goals at risk, they must make the ultimate choice between achieving dreams—or losing each other.


Review – ‘Aura of Magic’ – written by Patricia Rice

Aaron Pascoe-Ives, the illegitimate offspring of his grandfather, and himself a widower with twin 4-year olds – Edward and Emma, is in service to his King, sent out to solve problems throughout the kingdom. He still thinks often of his deceased wife, Lily, who died when the twins were 2 years old.  If only she were still with him, to oversee their care.

Brighid (Bridey) Darrow, Countess of Carstairs, finds a home among friends and family after the death of her husband, George, the Earl of Carstairs.  Forced from her home by the new Earl (she was childless in her marriage) amid claims of her being a witch, she had her training by her grandfather as a midwife/doctor as a means of survival.  Stepping into that role at the castle at Wystan had been easy.  Among her ‘gifts’, Bridey can see the auras people give off as the go about their lives. 

A chance meeting at Wystan between Bridey, and the twin’s and their father, sets into motion a relationship with many ups and downs.  Pascoe-Ives dramatic and bold auras frighten Bridey so she closes her mind’s eye to him, dismissing him as a ‘London dandy’. 

His reaction to her was to think she’s a ‘Frost Queen’, cold and unfeeling.  He can’t know it’s a defense mechanism, not her true being.

What Bridey sees in the family confuses her.  A pink aura surrounds father and children.  This is clearly another person’s aura – who would that be, and why is it there?

Bridey, rebuilding her life now that she’s free, wants nothing to do with Pascoe-Ives or his children but finds herself increasingly embroiled in their lives.   

Patricia Rice, a long-time author with several million books in print, is a master storyteller.  This book does not let the reader down.  Everything you’ve come to expect from a Patricia Rice novel is there – including the happy ending.  I give this book 5-stars. 

By Author Dayna Leigh Cheser


Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an
honest review.  All thoughts, 
opinions, and ratings are my own.


Author Bio

With several million books in print and New York Times and USA Today’s bestseller lists under her belt, former CPA Patricia Rice is one of romance’s hottest authors. Her emotionally-charged contemporary and historical romances have won numerous awards, including the RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice and Career Achievement Awards. Her books have been honored as Romance Writers of America RITA® finalists in the historical, regency and contemporary categories.

A firm believer in happily-ever-after, Patricia Rice is married to her high school sweetheart and has two children. A native of Kentucky and New York, a past resident of North Carolina and Missouri, she currently resides in Southern California, and now does accounting only for herself. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Authors Guild, and Novelists, Inc. and BVC Publishing Cooperative


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