RBD: Book Review – ‘Red Sky in the Morning’

Red Sky in the Morning
Robert Atkinson
Historical Romance (Scottish)
Greyhart Press
June 10, 2015
Paperback, (digital coming soon)

I read this book in September of 2014.  No cover art was available
at the time.  However, the book was released last week, with a cover.
I am pleased and proud to present this book to you now.

Cover for post.

Red Sky in the Morning

Robert Atkinson

The Scottish Highlands, 1746. The history books are telling Andy Macmillan, a British soldier from the 1970s, that Jacobite dreams are about to end in slaughter at the Battle of Culloden.

But Andy isn’t reading a book; he’s there himself in the Great Glen, awaiting the full force of redcoats to descend upon the rebels he’s sided with.

Desperate straits lead to unexpected alliances. Can Andy and the Highlanders trust turncoat Lieutenant Longholme?

The disfigured British officer has the power to turn both the battle and a lady’s heart. But whose side is he really on?

For anyone waiting for the sequel to Bob Atkinson’s 2012 bestseller ‘The Last Sunset’, your wait is over. ‘Red Sky in the Morning’ concludes the adventures of Andy Macmillan and the other cast of soldiers and vacationers stranded in the Scottish Highlanders at the height of the 1745 rebellion.

The novel is overflowing with romance, danger, politicking, tragedy and atonement. And hovering just out of sight is the army of the Duke of Cumberland, or ‘Butcher Cumberland’ as the history books know him. The Duke’s redcoat army suffered a reverse in the first book, but no more than that. There will be a reckoning between the redcoats and the rebels, and Bob Atkinson does not shortchange his readers as he delivers a stunning climax.


Review – “Red Sky in the Morning”
written by Robert Atkinson

In the prequel, The Last Sunset, people vanished from their own time, reappearing in 1746. These intrepid time travelers changed history with their presence. A key event in the Scots timeline never happened.

Now, in Red Sky in the Morning, a new reality emerges; a new dawn for Scotland.

How would Scots history play out if the Battle of Culloden had never happened? Would the changes affect the world stage – then, now, and in the future?  

In these pages, you’ll live in a world, almost 270 years ago, when the presence of English troops in the Highlands meant danger and death. Life was hard in their beautiful land, but to the Highlanders, this was their home.   The time travelers brought changes, but were the changes for the better? The Highlanders risk everything so they might know.

Will our world get a second chance?

In his sequel to ‘The Last Sunset’, Mr. Atkinson weaves a thought-provoking alternate reality for his beloved Scotland. The vivid scenes he paints will take you there, where you’ll witness the struggle that could change everything. I hope we see more from this talented author and storyteller in the near future.

Mr. Atkinson and Red Sky in the Morning receive a second 5-Star rating.

Dayna Leigh Cheser
Author of Janelle’s Time, Moria’s Time, and Adelle’s Time


Author Bio

Pic for bioBob Atkinson was born and raised in the district of Lochaber, in the Western Highlands of Scotland. At the age of seventeen the age-old curse of the Highlands — lack of work and opportunity — forced him to take the same military path taken by many of his forebears. While serving with the army in Northern Ireland he met his future wife, inspiration for at least one of the female characters in The Last Sunset. Bob now lives in Fort William.


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about the ‘Last Sunset’

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Excerpt from ‘Red Sky in the Morning’

Andy was awoken shortly after dawn by one of his fellow patients making his way outside to relieve himself. His chest felt less painful, his breathing a little easier than it had the previous night, and once again he decided the outside world would be better for his health than this dank cowshed. With the help of some flailing arm gestures he persuaded the patient with the empty bladder to help him into the chair outside.

With an extra phillamhor wrapped around his shoulders for warmth he sat back and watched a new day dawning over Glen Laragain. A thin trail of smoke drifted above each cottage in the clachan, adding it’s fragrance to the early morning mist. As the lightening sky drew it’s first pale colours on the land he glimpsed a small herd of red deer below the ridge to the south. They much have been grazing where the redcoats had stood three days before, and where the charging Camerons had chased them to hell, or captivity. Nature lost little time in claiming its own. He thought about the clusters of fresh graves that would have appeared along the length of the glen. Shawnee had said that upwards of a hundred had elected to fight for their captors. He had no idea how many had surrendered. He didn’t want to think about how many had been chopped down in that terrified rush to escape.

On the far side of the clachan he could hear a girl singing, her song cheerier than the usual laments. Perhaps she was a milkmaid, out to fetch breakfast. The deer also heard the song and nervously trotted off, eventually disappearing over the ridge.


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