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Unleashed Under the Mistletoe

Isabel Winsor

This holiday is going to change everything for Leo, the classic nice guy who never gets a phone number much less a date!

When he overhears the girls in the office laughing at him behind his back, he does
the unthinkable: he accepts a mysterious invitation to a secret group known as
The Grove.

Thinking he’s at an exclusive holiday business party, Leo is shocked when leather clad beauties order the guests to drop down with their hands tied behind their backs!

The moment Evie lays eyes on Leo, she’s drawn by his dark, exotic good looks. Once she gets his clothes off and sees him for the shy but sexy guy he is, she’s tempted to shed her Domina persona.

Can an office geek wake up and see that this free-spirited woman might want more than to tie him up and make him beg?

Savor your first taste of sinfully sweet erotic romance by Isabel Winsor!


Review – Unleashed Under the Mistletoe

Leo, a thirty-year old former geek, has made some changes in his life. He frequented a gym, let his hair grow, and bought a motorcycle. Now, he’s ready to get on with his life, and has plans for the future.

The future is Regina, a co-worker. He’s working up the courage to ask her out. Soon, he promises himself.

Those hopes die when he overhears a conversation between Regina, and a coworker, Diana.

In his office mail is a black envelope, an invitation to a secret group. At first, he rejects the idea. Then, with the Regina non-situation, he decides he’ll go after all.

There, he encounters people he doesn’t know doing things he’s only heard about. He’s shocked, and curious. Suddenly, a beautiful woman enters the room. She notices him too.

Leo and Evie know they have something special. Unlike most couples, their love is at two separate levels. On one level, they play at domination with each other. On the other level, they love each other more than words can say.

Are they able to sort it out, or does their double life spell trouble? Will their relationship change them? What surprises change things between Leo and Regina?

The first book of her ‘Pleasure Grove’ series, Ms. Winsor’s Unleashed Under the Mistletoe is a well-written, short Erotic Romance. If you remove the erotica, there’s still a viable story, which is what I look for in this kind of book. I was upset with Regina for the bullying of the eminently likable Leo, but later, got over it. You’ll see.

I’d read this book again, and recommend it to readers who enjoy erotica.

Dayna Leigh Cheser, author of The TIME Series
5 start



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Leo’s heart thundered and sweat beaded down his back. What the hell was this? He felt someone staring at him and pulled his gaze from her to find the Asian man’s dark eyes flick from Leo to the woman in white and then back; sizing him up as if he questioned Leo’s right to be here.

Leo couldn’t make himself move. This wasn’t real. He must have crashed his bike somewhere on the winding, bumpy streets of Carmel. In reality, he was probably splattered on the sidewalk as his mother and sisters had warned. All of this was happening in his coma-ridden head.

“You must be our third initiate,” she said.

Her brown eyes, slightly tilted at the corners stared into his, probably seeing his thoughts scrambling around in panic. His mouth hung open. But hell, it wasn’t every day a woman more beautiful than a Victoria’s Secret model stood before him.

But she was and she was talking to him.

“I-” He choked on his suddenly dry throat. “I what?”

“Do you have a red or black envelope?”


He breathed in the honey and vanilla smell of her. She wore no make-up. That voice coming from those full pink lips, made his nerves scream.

“Then you need to undress.” Her eyes traveled down to the uncomfortable bulge behind his zipper.


“Or not. It’s entirely up to you.”

His mouth opened but no sound came out.

“You were invited for a reason. It’s your choice to stay or to leave,” she said, her gaze flicking back up to lock onto his. “But you need to make it now.”


Are you ready to commit?
A Blog Post by Isabel Winsor

The other night, I attended a mystery panel with Best-Selling Mystery Author J.A. Jance. When asked what she thinks about self publishing, there were some very strong opinions expressed against the whole practice! But Jance made an observation that really hit home with me. “What a lot of these (self published) authors don’t realize is that they are making a commitment to their readers,” she said. “You can’t just put it out there and not promote it to sell. For every book I’ve written, I’ve done 30 book signings for each one.”

Every aspiring author dreams of book signings with long lines of admiring readers, eager to tell us how much they loved our books. But the reality is a bit different. I’ve been flown out to book signings and done interviews on TV shows and for newspapers only to speak to five people at the book signing. I was grateful for them because I’ve also shown up at bookstores where I hang out with the owner for a couple of hours and leave a few signed books!

How do you keep the spirit alive when the tenth agent passed on your book, sales are flagging or you only gave directions to the rest rooms at a book signings event?

You keep writing the stories you want to read. You fall in love with your characters so much that it’s bittersweet when you get to the end of the book. After all of that time you spend writing and rewriting that book, you then contact your local book sellers, book clubs and librarians; you set up blog tours and do Q&A’s and share it like crazy on social media.

Sounds easy, right?

Well from what I’ve seen in the 20 years of my career is that the authors who break out with that one overnight sensation typically flame out after the second or third book. But then you look at a superstar like Sylvia Day, and girlfriend has been writing and publishing books for a really long time. She’s had disappointments and near misses; she’s written in just about every sub-genre of hot romance but she powered through it all by writing the next book and the next until she became a New York Times and international bestselling author of more twenty award-winning novels. Sylvia shows us how it’s done!

When you go into your publishing career – traditional, independent or both – with Sylvia’s kind of commitment, you create a powerful momentum that will push you around or over the speed bumps on your journey. Believe me, they will appear. I’ve had soaring opportunities and crushing disappointments. Most were of my own making; a few resulted from forces beyond my control. But all were blessings because they revealed that my commitment was unwavering.

So consider this: no matter where you are in your writing career, this is now an opportunity to make a commitment. Here are my affirmations that are placed in a prominent position at my work space and I would like to share them with you:

  I am committed to my writing because it is my way of contributing and ….connecting to the world.
  I write the stories I want to read.
  I am safe to write the stories and characters that excite me.
  I can always go back and fix it.
  My writing gets better with each project.
  I write at my own pace.
  I appreciate the readers who read my books, even those who don’t like it.
  I put myself and my work out there because I have something special to
….share with readers.

Whether you’re just thinking of writing your first book, ready to submit your first book to an agent or publisher or a multi-published author who lost her agent (yep, I’ve been there too!), these statements can empower and open you to all of the opportunities for growth, challenge and success. Or, they may inspire you to craft some affirmations for yourself and if you do, please share them with us in the comments!


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