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July 21, 2014

Hi all!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, WELCOME!  My site is open 24/7 so it doesn’t matter when you stop by, you’ll always be welcome.

Lots going on and not all of it is writing-related.

In my last message, I said things have been a challenge so far this year.  That trend continues without slowing down to take a breather.

I thought when Adelle’s Time was published that things would slow down and I’d get a breather.  No such luck.  The last few weeks if work on Adelle’s Time was rough, so when it was complete, I decided to take some time off … just a week or two – before diving in to finishing the next book, Logan’s Time.

I had a big sewing project – new curtains and cushion covers for the motor home we’ve been restoring.  The curtains are done, and one (of four) of the cushion covers is done.  I was on target for finishing that project when all you-know-what broke out.

I’m still on my ‘down time’ but it’s gotten longer … it’s about two months, now, and counting.  And, I’m still a ways from being ready to move on.

MovingMy husband, Pete, retired this year so there was nothing holding us in Naples (Florida).  So, we started looking for a place in the center of the state, near where we’d lived before.  Long story short, on June 13th (that’s Friday the 13th), we signed on for a house in Lake Placid, Florida.  So, starting that same day, we worked like crazy to pack up our household.  There were days – and nights – when we’d worked so hard, we ached from head to toe, but it was all worth it.

On June 30, the movers arrived and we were on our way north.

Then the unpacking began.  While not 100%, we’re in good shape now.  There’s a few things that haven’t found a home yet, plus Pete hasn’t finished setting up his workbench in the garage.  We’re very happy with our new home!  Even our cat likes it better than our house in Naples!

One of my many projects to finish before I go back to work on Logan’s Time is getting this website up to date … again.  Today, I worked on updating the pages in The TIME Series tab, especially the Moria’s Time and Logan’s Time, including adding pages of excerpts, backstories, and character interviews.

I’m also, obviously, updating the Home page.  My goal is still to do this on a monthly basis, but I’ll take every 2 months for now.

Don’t forget to check out the Chapters tab – that’s where you can read, for free, a chapter from each of my five books, including the two that haven’t been published yet.

And, I’d love to have any of you read and review my books.  If you’re interested, please, drop me a line at JulieCJ@aol.com and I’ll send you PDFs of the books, along with cover art, etc.   Here are the info sheets on the three books:

Janelle’s Time Book Info      Moria’s Time Book Info      Adelle’s Time Book Info

And, very soon, I’ll be changing at least some of the questions in the DIY Interview form. I searched online for interview questions, so the new batch should be interesting and revealing!  I’ll announce when the new questions are up.  My plan there is to have several sets of questions to pick from, making the interviews even more interesting.

According to my website stats plugin, in just four months, I have almost 3,000 unique visitors and almost 130,000 page views. I’d like to thank all of my social media contacts for helping to make my little corner of the internet a great place to visit.

Thanks so much for visiting.

Happy Writing,


3 Covers for blog-a> Janelle’s Time is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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bookstore, and many other locations

> Adelle’s Time is available soon at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
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  1. Hi Caitlin, and Welcome!
    Very good question! There is no word limit, but please: one sentence per letter. That keeps it manageable.
    Please stop by again.

  2. Found you through Twitter. This is a very informative site and great for my Facebook page, just in case my author friends have missed seeing it.

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