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Greetings from Lake Placid, Florida!

WE’RE GROWING AGAIN!!   It’s so exciting‼ I’ll explain more about that later, but first ….

Welcome to all my friends and loyal visitors, and, of course, to any new visitors who happen to stop by.  I’m so glad you’re here.

There’s lots to see here, with more coming soon. This site currently has 45 pages, which equates to over 280,000 page views since mid-March! I can’t even wrap my head around that.

Now, I want to tell you about what’s up-and-coming!

Within the next day or two, I’ll unveil the all new DIY Interviews. I anticipate the changes I’m working on  will increase the number of submissions considerably.  I’m looking forward to working with new friends.

> First, DIY Interviews will have a greater number and wider variety of questions, including some for ‘fun’. And, there are now 3 sets of questions to choose from‼ Some questions are the same in all 3 sets, but there are plenty of different questions, too.

> Second, the resultant blog post will remain mostly the same except that because there are more questions, the DIY Interviews will likely be longer, packed full of information, and some may be made into 2-parts!

> Third, I’ve changed to a different form provider company to eliminate the delivery-to-me problems I’ve had in the past.

To do your own DIY Interview, go to:  Form A,  Form B, or Form C.

And now (drum roll) … I’m setting up a brand new section – reviews – on my site.

Back story – I’ve avoided doing reviews because I didn’t feel qualified. Then, I realized I’ve been a reader for over 60 years, and a full-time writer for 5 years.  Recently, I’ve done some reviews for writer-friends, which moved me past the fear, and resulted in my feeling more comfortable about the process. I’m ready to offer my services.  (end)

My doing reviews won’t be a full-`time operation. To start, I’ll do one review a month. The Review Policy is in place and the Grand Opening of ‘Reviews by Dayna’ (sister page to ‘Posts by Dayna’), September 29, 2014.

This project  was fast-tracked, in part, because I just finished an extended period of sending out review requests for my latest book. The results, on several levels, were less than encouraging. I have to do what I can to remedy this. I know one book a month is like fighting the tide, but it’s a start.

Click here to go to the Review Policy for ‘Reviews by Dayna’ now.

And so, my non-stop year continues to be non-stop. Several ‘To Do Lists’ later, I’m still catching up but will start working on my next book very soon.

ATTENTION: Calling all Historical Romance readers‼   If you’d like to try your hand at reviewing, I invite you to read and review my books.  If you’re interested, please, drop me a line at JulieCJ@aol.com.

Here are the info sheets:
Janelle’s Time Book Info      Moria’s Time Book Info      Adelle’s Time Book Info

That’s about it for now. See you next time.

Take care and have a great day!



3 Covers for blog-a Janelle’s Time is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Janelle’s Time, Moria’s Time, and Adelle’s Time
are available as shown below
Amazon: http://bit.ly/DLC-Amazon

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/DLC-BandN
Kobo: http://bit.ly/DLC-Kobo
Books-A-Million:  http://bit.ly/DLC-BAM
Also,lwidelylavailable atlotherlfinellocations


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  1. Hi Caitlin, and Welcome!
    Very good question! There is no word limit, but please: one sentence per letter. That keeps it manageable.
    Please stop by again.

  2. Found you through Twitter. This is a very informative site and great for my Facebook page, just in case my author friends have missed seeing it.

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