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Greetings from Lake Placid, Florida,

croquaSpring is coming … it really is!!

Welcome to all.  It doesn’t matter if this is your first visit, or if you’re a regular, everyone is welcome here.

Again, my best-laid plans of updating this page monthly have fallen by the wayside, and my only excuse is the same as it’s been all along, and the same one everyone else falls victim to – BUSY. For that, I apologize.

About the website. When I fired up the website back in September of 2012, I never dreamed a little one-horse operation like this would see the number I see. The page views are amazing, nearly 600,000 to date!

That said, I’m at a crossroads with the website in the hosting department, and I could sure use some help. I’ve reached the limit of resources in my hosting plan. The next step is to go commercial – which is astronomically expensive, something I simply can’t do, now that we’re both retired.

The performance of the website is suffering – slower load times being the most obvious. Decision time is at hand, but what do I do?

Here are my options …

1 Cut the number of pages I don’t want to do this, plus as I finish my next 2 books, I’ll have more pages to post, so in the long run, I wouldn’t gain anything.
2 Condense the pages That doesn’t work as there is pretty much the same amount of information, whether it’s ten pages, or five.
3 Start eliminating posts (early, selected, or graphic intensive) Another something I don’t want to do.  Like most people, I’d like the information to be available now, and in the future.
4 Remove key sections from the website (Posts by Dayna, Reviews by Dayna, DIY Interviews) This option would end up being more expensive because I’d need one (or more) additional websites for whatever function(s) I remove.  The site is a package deal.

SpringSee my predicament?

If someone out there has any ideas, I’m very interested in hearing from you –  Dayna@DaynaLCheser.com  Just remember, I’m not a computer guru.

That’s about it for now. See you next time.




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Home — 7 Comments

  1. Hey there,
    Laura Lee idea of migrating certain parts of your blog and leaving links here would really work. There are free hosting sites that would allow you to do that with wordpress if that’s your preference. I use wordpress. I have a site up at x10host.com and at hostinger.co.uk

    • Hi Susan, and Welcome!
      Several people have sent me emails about my little conundrum. I’ve worked on it – time available. I’ll be rewriting this page soon with what I’ve done. Thanks so much for your input.

    • Hi Laura Lee,
      Interesting. I gave that a thought but figured I’d have to pay for another hosting company, but then … I’m in the process of shutting down my OLD blog which means that space – a WP.com site – will be available. Hmmm.
      Thanks for the thought. It might just work.
      Have a great day,

  2. Hi Caitlin, and Welcome!
    Very good question! There is no word limit, but please: one sentence per letter. That keeps it manageable.
    Please stop by again.

  3. Found you through Twitter. This is a very informative site and great for my Facebook page, just in case my author friends have missed seeing it.

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